About us

InfoFX is one of the leading reputable websites in Vietnam in the financial industry. The greatest advantage of InfoFX is that it can handle most of the complicated problems such as price slippage, non-withdrawal, order intervention, etc. that investors and financial brokers encounter, from which InfoFX is confident with the following process:


Customer Service

A professional team of denunciation analysts; a complaint handling department with more than 10 years of experience.



The litigation lawyer department is always ready to advise investors to invent suitable solutions and act as a bridge among the exchange, investors, and traders to solve the damage caused by the floor on investors.



The international technical analysis support team, currently living in Europe, are experts with more than ten years of experience advising the investor complaints department.


InfoFx has 2 law offices in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh is ready to take legal action for investors in case the legal department has consulted and transferred.

5 Criteria for assessing the reputation of the broker

recommended by domestic and international experts as a standard for investors




In addition, we update the news on domestic and international financial markets daily.

Support timely when investors encounter difficulties in the transaction and investment process.

Website InfoFX.vn managed by C3 HOLDINGS PTE. LTD. in Singapore (Business code: 202130301C), has been established for nearly 10 years. InfoFX has gathered a team of domestic and international experts with extensive legal experience in Vietnam and a group of technical experts to handle, process, and accept more than thousands of cases across countries in general and Vietnam in particular.

Mission and Vision

Becoming the leading trust symbol for the financial community is the balance of justice that brings fairness and transparency to all investors and exchanges.

InfoFx is committed to being a solid bridge, always bringing the best benefits, and completely solving all the complicated problems that investors face.
Create a fair and transparent financial community with a team of seasoned professionals in the financial industry with our love and high responsibility to life and society.
InfoFX provides safety and is a companion in this trillion-dollar financial market investment process.
Core values

Becoming the leading trust symbol for the financial community is the balance of justice that brings fairness and transparency to all investors and exchanges.


Integrity, honesty, and conduct in all behaviors, relationships, and transactions.


Respect yourself, Respect your colleagues, Respect the Company, Respect investors, Respect partners, Cooperate with respect.


Be fair to employees, investors, traders, IBs, exchanges, and other stakeholders.


Respect the established standards and act ethically.


Comply with Laws, Code of Conduct and regulations, policies, and regulations of the Company and the international financial community.

Partnership Project

Info Finance is pleased to announce the official Partnership Development Plan with MerriTrade , The Brokers, và Traderhub. With this cooperation, Info Finance is committed to bringing a comprehensive Investment Ecosystem.

Via an immense network of investors, we provide a constantly updated information system, along with a forum that shares and exchanges valuable knowledge in investment. This cooperative strategy is a great motivation for Info Finance to develop and fulfill our mission.

InfoFX - The trading information searching tool, stock and bonds news updating. InfoFX brings out the trading rating base on some criterias: brand credibility, risk management's level, the user's perception of the trading experience,... in systematically, accuracy and fastest way to make the investors determine suitable trading code with the target is maximize the finacial market's revenue.
Website InfoFX.vn is managed by C3 HOLDINGS PTE. LTD. in Singapore (Business code: 202130301C) is a platform that looks up information on all brokers around the world. Users should comply with the laws and regulations in their respective countries and regions when accessing.
All information on our InfoFX website is for general reference only, investors should consider the risks in advance and be responsible for all their investment behavior.
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